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My name is Manoj Kumar am a retired School headmaster from Chennai, ADYAR. I have paid lakhs and Lakhs of ruppess as subscription to fraud stock tips providers from INDORE CAPITAL IA.COM, TRIFIDRESEARCH.COM,CAPITALBRIGHT.COM,& FROM HYDERABAD THAT big fraud and from Mumbai WWW.WITTYTRADES.COM ETC They not only buried my capital money they betrayed me by promising returns and they trapped me by providing 1-2days free trails this was clearly TRAP guys. See finally I loosed 15+ lakhs looses within 4 months time frame which was big disaster for me. I Thought all tips providers are fraud looting money from innocent traders by false promising and showing fake performances yes its 100% true and my lesson and experience also clearly say that Only BUY it was damn sure wrong when my daughter Nandhini recommended this great popular and excellent genuine Option trading advisory firm last month and request me to final try with them. I had a short conversation with Mr. VIJAY KUMAR in his number 8122224488 he asked me to join both NIFTY OPTION, BANK NIFTY OPTION & STOCK OPTION BY PAYING 20000 and told me to maintain 75000 capital. He committed me to recover my full looses only with strict discipline and ask me to strictly follow there calls. I has followed there recommendations strictly and guys trust me I maded 4.85 lakhs now. Now I want other innocent traders like me to don’t fall prey to bogus fraud tips providers from Indore and other parts of India Pls ignore there phone calls they will convince you by providing free trails and best is to join this to recover your losses with small capital yes 20k to 25k is more enough.

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