Hi Team, hope you are doing fine, This is in reference to a Booking I had made through my mobile [protected] with the Booking reference :[protected] for an occupancy with the code 8252, the property was called Aayush Corporate Stays .

Details of our Stay :-
Our Stay was planned for 26-May
We had planned to chck in at 6:00 AM in the morning of 26-May and had accepted to pay a service charge of 200-250 rs based on the check in timelines and the hotel process.
On checking with the OYO agent for 2 rooms and adult of 4 we were charged 1400 + Service charge for early check in which was fine with us.
The day we arrived to the property at 6AM with 2 young girls, the hotel management mentioned we dont even have a room of 1400 and you would need to pay 2400 per room which was against the booking we had made.
This was a real shock for us because we had already agreed on another lower price with OYO
This put us in a very bad and embarrassed state with 2 of my young girls waiting in a city which no ones is aware of and early morning i was scaring for my family and was confident OYO would provide me with the service needed.
But reaching the hotel was a completely different picture .
They asked us to cancel the booking and then they agreed to provide the same room in the same price as provided by OYO which means this is just a criminal way of looting money without any responsibility and now I am really not have any trust on OYO service with the way it handles for family and their accommodation.
I am done with my trip but i dont expect any of the other families receiving such a hard reality, much disappointed 🙁

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