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Sonyliv app either has bugs or has intentionally not kept the CANCEL subscription button in some of their app versions. The steps mentioned in the FAQs on their app did not work. Due to this, I could not cancel my subscription. I thought it would seek my permission. But, shockingly it did not. Further, I already had a free subscription coupon which I could not use on the original sonyliv account(again FAQ steps don’t work). Now, I have two subscriptions. running for the same one year. And further, they are refusing to return my money and claiming that I had consented for it.

Sharing the mail communication that happened with them. Also, PFA the images of a bug/intended vulnerability in their app. Two different accounts – one having the CANCEL button. The other not having it. –


I had bought a SonyLiv connection via my phone number XXXX in November 2018. Since it was about to expire on 9th Nov,2019, I tried to exercise my PAYTM FIRST coupon for free 1 yr membership available to me.
As directed in the PAYTM APP, I checked the “MY PURCHASES” section of sonyliv app for the cancellation of current subscription. I also read the FAQs which explained the same. To my amazement, this option was not present. There was no cancel or any other button. Just a message was being displayed. Thus, after doing various explorations in the sonyliv app, I couldn’t find a way to understand how to cancel it.

Parallelly thinking that, as in other cases, my patym number should be “the authorizing number” for availing the discount, I used my actual paytm phone number XXXX for availing the sonyliv membership.
Two days later, Rs. 499 got deducted (without any authorization or notification surreptitiously at 12:30 am in the night) from my paytm account in lieu of sonyliv membership for the old account – phone – XXXX from my paytm account XXXX.
Thus, I end up having two subscriptions of sonyliv for the same period.

I have a few questions for you –
1. who authorized you to automatically deduct money from my account?
2. why did you not seek consent before deducting money?
3. Is it a bug in the app or you are trying to defraud the customers?
4. most importantly, why did you not show the cancel button in my purchases section before renewal? Thus, there was no way left for the consumer to stop the automatic deduction.
5. when renewed on same mobile phone, why did you not check whether another account exists from the same account and that too the free coupon account?
6. While deducting money from paytm, why did you not check that the paying account already has the subscription(which it already had) or not? Why did you not notify/warn the client of the same?
7. Why did you not check if the paying paytm account had “paytm first” subscription already?

Please revert my money with promise of no future such transactions else I would be forced to resort to proper legal recourse to expose this ultra-vires act under the Indian Contract Act,1872 and the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.


With regard to your queries we request you to share the below payment details so that we can get it checked with our backend team and get back to you with an update shortly.

Screenshot of your ‘MY PURCHASES’ page (As an attachment)
Payment receipt
Transaction ID
Order ID
App version

Awaiting your response.

I don’t know why you can’t check it from your end using my mobile numbers shared.
Nevertheless, PFA.

Sharing both accounts’ screenshots. The old account showed same info(cancel button not there) before renewal.

Payment receipt – nothing sent by sonyliv.

Paytm Order id – XXXX
Paytm Transaction id – XXXX
App version – info not available

Dear XXXX,

Greeting from SonyLIV.

As per our records we see that you have given the consent for renewal thought SMS. Hence, you are been charged and the subscription has been renewed.

Hope this information is helpful.

Team SonyLIV.

I have not given the consent. I think there is some confusion at your end.
Further, I tried to cancel it but there was no CANCEL option available. How can you not give a user the option to CANCEL his subscription prior to the renewal date? This policy of acquiring customers is not going to work with me. Please process the refund immediately.


Did you check your pipeline? As a benefit of doubt, I would say that it is a bug in your android app.I am awaiting a response before taking any action.


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