Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have posted a complaint/comment, but it doesn’t appear on the website. Why? When my complaint/comment will be posted?

Some complaints may require to be viewed by our staff first, to make sure they do not contain spam messages or cursing. This process can take from a few hours to 1-2 days, so please be patient. Please be aware, that the complaints are not being checked on weekends, so if you have posted your complaint on Fridays evening, it might not show up on the website until Monday. If your complaint violates Terms of Use (cursing, direct insults towards other users, etc), it will not be posted on the website. Please be aware, that you shouldn’t post any highly personal details (phone numbers, personal addresses, etc) in your complaints, to avoid possible misuse of your data.

2. How can I change my email ID?

Your email ID can be changed by our support team. To contact our support team please click here, and provide the new email ID you want to use.